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Girls Shrug

This pattern is for a girl's shrug with both long and short sleeves.

The patterned sleeve shrug has a crochet edge, the others have a knitted edge. any could be worked with the heart design

Sizes and requirements are detailed below

Materials & Measurement

To fit Approximate size

S - 26" M - 28" L - 30"

Crochet Edge Shrug

3 x 50grm balls

Short Sleeve Shrug

2 x 50grm balls

Fur edge shrug

3 x 50grm balls Main

1 x 25grm balls Contrast


Pair of each 4mm needles for small

3.50mm Crochet Hook

Pair of each 4.50mm needles for medium

4mm Crochet Hook

Pair of each 5mm needles for large

5mm Crochet Hook

Pattern Price £3.99 shipping in PDF via email only.

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