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 Customers Handmade items

I thought you may like to display your items made from my patterns here

If you would like to be on my website, just send an email to

with your name, general location (if you wish) and a piccie.

Easy Peasey

Thank you and I really look forward to seeing them.



 Audrey from N. E. Scotland                                                       Palm Leaf from Lynn Garner


Lily Shawl                                                                   Swirl Shawl from Ann


Valentine Shawl from Jayne                                                        Oak leaf Shawl








Swirl and diamond from Sharon in Swansea                                 Hearts Shawl from Sharon in Swansea








Lily shawl from Sharon in Swansea. Thank you for the pictures :-)                                                                         

 Palm Leaf Shawl from Angela                                         Chatalaine Shawl from Rita in Australia


Lily Shawl from Rita in Australia                                                   

Oak leaf from Bee (thank you Bee for letting me use             

your photo)


                 Janie Shawl from Tracy (thanks Tracy)