Knitting Patterns for Babies and toddlers

Christening  sets



 This shawl has been knitted in Dk

 The shawl has a slight octagonal shape to it. It has a classic swirl design in the centre and the grand oval pattern is accentuated with bobbles, which gives this shawl an interesting textured look.

 The edging also has alternating bobbles on it but I have given instruction on how these can be increased or could be omitted if preferred


As with my other patterns, it is knitted from the centre out on circular needles


Yarn requirements

700grms of DK Baby Wool main


5.00mm Open ended needles

5.00mm Circular needle

1 pair 4.50mm needles


 Pattern Price £4.99 shipping in PDF via email.


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Abigail Christening Set

This outfit has been made in DK to compliment the Abigail Shawl.

It consists of a long Christening gown, Bonnet and Slippers.

The pattern has bobbles which can be embellished with ribbon roses, the bobbles can be omitted if preferred and replaced with all roses or just left plain. It has an attractive picot edging.

Sizes are for 14, 16, 18

Yarn requirements

300 - 350grms DK Baby knitting Wool


1 x 3.75mm needles

1 x 4mm needles







 Pattern Price £4.99 shipping in PDF via email.


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 This shawl is in Dk with a fancy boucle type wool.  

The construction differs on this shawl as rather than continually increasing stitches on the outer section,  the shaping is made by changing needle size


60ins approx

Yarn requirements

400 grm DK Baby knitting Wool 250grm FANCY DK Contrast


1 set 5mm Open Ended Needles   

1 x 5mm Circular Needle              

1 x 5.50mm Circular Needle          

1 x 6mm Circular Needle

Pattern Price £4.99 shipping in PDF via email.

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Candy Christening Set



 This Christening set has been made to compliment the Candy shawl.

The set comprises of Jacket,  Dress, Hat and Slippers.

The Jacket with its picot edge and bell shaped sleeves works well as an edge to edge jacket or can be fastened with white frogs, as this photo shows, or you could also use ribbon ties.

The dress is trimmed with Knit-in lace at the join between the skirt and the bodice. (This can be omitted and ribbon used as alternative if preferred) There are two lengths of dress and can be made with short or long sleeves. To finish the outfit I have added a roll brim hat.

I have made the long dress in plain white and trimmed it with ribbon roses. The short dress I have made with two contrast colours  to show the versatility of the pattern. (Please see the photos below)

The slippers have been finished with small ribbon roses on the toes


 Sizes 14 to 18ins




1 x 5.00mm needles

1x 4.00mm needles

1 x 3.75mm needles


 Pattern Price £4.99 shipping in PDF via email.

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