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Chelsea Coat

This coat has been worked in DK for the smaller sizes and Aran for the larger sizes

with Cable panels and a knitted Picot edge

The hat can be worn as a beret or Bennie

Sizes are from 18" to 22" chest in DK and 24" to 28" in Aran

Yarn Requirements

18 to 22 inch chest

2 2 3 100grm Balls Dk

1 1 1 50grm Balls Dk

24 to  28 inch chest

4 5 5 100grm balls Aran


Pair of 3.25mm & 4mm for DK

Pair of 4mm & 5mm for Aran


6,(6,8,8,8,8) Buttons

1 button for hat bow 

Pattern Price £3.50 shipping in PDF via email only

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