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Welcome to Maybebaby Designs

I would like to welcome you to my website.

I love circular knitting but found that patterns for this are limited especially for shawls.

There was only one answer, to design them myself. This of course has not only become an obsession but has lead to doing a few outfits to compliment the shawls.

I type them myself, all have written row by row instructions and in some cases I have used a combination of both full written instructions and charts. I do try to make them easy as possible to follow and on most of the patterns I have also included check boxes to make it easier to mark off each row as it is complete.

A couple of really useful tips:

Use stitch markers to not only denote the end of the rows but also try using a different colour to place at the end of each pattern section.

I have also found it useful, if it is a complicated pattern, to use a safety thread every so often just in case the dreaded mistake happens. (This can be time consuming but there is nothing worse than having to try and undo a large amount of stitches when you are in the middle of an intricate lace pattern.)

I have a three lovely ladies who tests the patterns for me, to try to ensure they are error free and would like to take this opportunity to thank them for all their hard work, patience and understanding. THANK YOU Rita, Tracy and Cecelia

Please feel free to browse around my site (this is a work in progress at the moment) and if you have any questions, you are more than welcome to contact me and I will try to help.

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